On-site Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC)

In support of its student athletes, St. Luke’s Athletic Program has two certified athletic trainers (ATC) on staff. Certified athletic trainers specialize in the prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses sustained by student athletes.

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  • Athletic Training Facilities

    The Athletic Training Room is located on the lower level of the Athletic Center next to the squash courts. It is open mid-morning until the conclusion of the final home game or practice each day. St. Luke’s athletic trainers can most often be found before games in the Athletic Training Room and on the fields, courts and rinks with the student athletes and their coaches.
  • Student Physicals

    Students are required to have a current physical and immunization records on file to attend St. Luke's. The Athletic Department and Sports Medicine Team provides a day each June for students to have their physicals on campus. Students may also submit physical forms completed by their family physicians.
  • Concussions

    The SLS Athletic Trainers are able to diagnose and treat concussions. They are also your point people when your child suffers a concussion. If your child suffers a concussion outside of school, please contact the Athletic Training staff immediately. An email is sent out to the SLS Concussion Management Team and the Athletic Trainers, in conjunction with your child's advisor, monitor their progress academically as well as athletically. As always, if your child sees a doctor, a note of clearance is required to return to athletics.
  • What is ImPact Baseline Testing?

    St. Luke’s seeks to provide the student athlete with the most comprehensive care. The School provides ImPACT baseline testing, administered on the Hilltop by the Sports Medicine Team. It is a comprehensive computerized test that sets a neurocognitive baseline and is used as a tool when a child has suffered a concussion. Testing occurs at the beginning of each season, for 8th graders and older. Baseline testing is not recommended for 5-7th graders as their brains are developing rapidly and the baseline quickly becomes invalid. Be on the lookout for testing opportunities on the School calendar. To learn more about ImPACT please visit the website: http://impacttest.com/
  • Work as a Team

    The Sports Medicine Team is made up of a head athletic trainer, assistant athletic trainer, and athletic training students. St. Luke's has a partnership with Sacred Heart University's Athletic Training program, where an athletic training student observes at St. Luke's for their clinical site every semester. Each year, the Sports Medicine team works to certify 100% of St. Luke's faculty, staff and coaches in CPR. The Sports Medicine team and coaches work closely with parents and faculty to keep communications open regarding student athlete injuries and comprehensive care.
  • Sports Medicine Curriculum

    As well as being the Director of Athletics & Physical Education, Anna Knechtel also teaches the Sports Medicine class. Offered once a year in the Spring semester, Sports Medicine is a great opportunity for students to learn about an Athletic Training career and practice some useful skills.

Athletic Trainers

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  • Photo of Anna Knechtel

    Anna Knechtel 

    Director of Athletics
    (203) 801-4822
  • Photo of Nicole Guido

    Nicole Guido 

    Assistant Athletic Trainer
    (203) 801-4923
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