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学者计划 是St. 卢克的 seniors eager to forge their own paths. After identifying a field or topic that fascinates 和 inspires them, students apply to the relevant Scholars program. 如果选择, each student then begins a deep dive into their chosen area of study - very much the equivalent of college-level work - that includes extensive independent research, consultations with faculty mentors,, 最终, a formal presentation of findings during St. 卢克的 Annual Scholar's Symposium. Many Scholars continue their research after their presentation. 

You may view students' presentations 和 read more about the Scholars program, "the highest form of independent scholarship here on the St. 路加福音’s Hilltop," further down this page 和 in these stories from 2024, 2023, 2022.


Seniors selected as 全球学者 complete in-depth 分析 of a global issue, extensive language study, an interdisciplinary capstone project.


  • 2024 全球学者 List

    Terror by Proxy: Iran's 全球 Terrorism Footprint

    Lingering Impacts: How Colonialism Shaped Ethiopia, Ghana, Rw和a

    From Depths to Demolition: Unveiling the Impacts of the 全球 Fishing Industry 和 Its Harsh Implications for Future Generations

    The History of the Mafia: America’s Toxic Relationship with Organized Crime 

    Malcolm Stewart
    Stemming a 全球 Crisis: India's Transition to Renewable Energy


The 文学学者 Program is a humanities-based intensive course of study that focuses on literary research, 分析, 和解释.


  • 2024 Literary Scholar List

    From Spice Dreams to Societal Schemes: Unraveling the Mirage of Unconstrained Visions in Dune

    The Anti-Rationalist: Dostoyevsky’s Philosophical Insurgency 和 Critique of Reason


The STEM curriculum includes the study of science, technology, engineering, mathematics. Students complete a set of core courses 和 a year-long research project in an approved field of study.


  • 2024 茎的学者 List

    McLain Boege
    Transportation-Based Carbon Emissions at St. 卢克的学校: A Mitigation Study

    伊莱布罗迪 & 帕特里克·里根
    A Statistical Analysis of NFL Concussion Frequency Across Multiple Parameters

    Optimizing Clay Flocculation to Remove Harmful Algal Blooms

    布拉德福德·库珀 & 姑娘纳尔逊
    Optimizing Isobaric Calorimetry for High School Laboratories

    Developing a Greener Alternative to Amazon Packaging: Experimentation with Biodegradable Materials

    莎拉·刘 & 凯利纽尔
    Optimizing the Effectiveness of Simple Topical Hemostatics

    Predicting Volleyball 服务 Quality Through Video Analysis

    Assessing the Feasibility of Producing a GPS-Tracked Golf Ball

    沃森迈耶 & Sankalp Ojha
    Harnessing Hydropower: The Optimization of a Portable Micro-Generator

    Testing Pattern Recognition Differences Between Athletes 和 Non-Athletes at St. 卢克的学校

    Using AI Video Analytics to St和ardize Scoring in Synchronized Ice Skating

    Developing an Affordable Partial Front Limb Canine Prosthetic


Participants in the 古典学者 Program undertake an enriched study of Latin 和 Greek. A senior-year research project, including classical humanities, completes the curriculum.

There are no 古典学者 in 2024.

Cum Laude Society National Winners

St. 卢克的 Scholars have won three 全国优等生 awards for their work (three out of three entries) 和 each participant receives an honors distinction at St. 卢克的毕业. This top honor is given to only one or two students nationwide.

卡罗莱纳·华纳,19岁赢家 for her STEM paper, "Engineering a Sanitation Solution for the Guatemala City Dump."

阿米莉亚·威科夫,18岁 赢家 for her 古典学者 paper, "Villain or Victim: Sexuality, Gender, Female Agency in 美狄亚."

Sebastian Bates 14岁 won the award for his 古典学者 essay, "A Wolf Among Many Hounds: Poetry, 政治, Reform in Solon's Athens,这是 published in the Concord Review.

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